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When you retain Brubaker-Culton, you are teaming up with a company that is deeply connected to the history of Western Riverside County. Brubaker-Culton has served the area for over 70 years specializing in world wide promotion, but delivering the best in local service.

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With more than 70 years of Real Estate experience in Western Riverside County, Brubaker-Culton has the expertise and knowledge to manage your property. We specialize in worldwide promotion while delivering the best in local service.

Our company is different from other management companies. We make whatever effort necessary for our owners to find tenants who pay on time – every month. We search out tenants who have reliable income, solid credit and a history of taking care of homes as if they owned them. If a management company guarantees to get you a tenant in two weeks – beware! This means they will accept the first one through the door. We take the time and make the effort to get you the right tenant who will protect your home.

For tenants, we make sure they have a home that is clean, functional, and safe. We are fast to respond to any needs of our tenants and their homes so they can enjoy the lifestyle they desire! We care about our tenants’ rental experience. We want you to love your home!

Our company is honest, efficient and responsive. Let us work for you to manage your property, or for tenants to find the perfect home for your family!